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The changing face of inner-city Perth

2nd May, 2018

Perth city is hardly recognisable when compared to photos from a decade ago.


Optimistic outlook for Perth’s apartment market

26th April, 2018

Over the past 12–18 months, tighter lending conditions and the perception of a looming oversupply of apartments have deterred many investors in the Perth property market.


Affordable inner-city living – does it exist?

17th November, 2017

As a first home buyer, you’re prepared to make sacrifices – and location and affordability are concepts that don’t usually go hand in hand, meaning a choice between one or the other.


Reasons why buying property off-the-plan makes sense

25th September, 2017

Buying an investment property is an exciting decision, but it can also be a confusing one. Are you better off buying an established home or a newly constructed one? Or should you invest in a project that’s yet to be built?


Why more Australians are moving into apartments

17th January, 2017

Australian society is changing. Gone are the days when ‘the great Australian dream’ meant a quarter acre block in the suburbs, with a Hills Hoist out the back and room for the kids to play cricket.


Why Perth people love one-bedroom apartments

11th August, 2016

While the traditional ‘Australian dream’ might be a backyard, many of us prefer smaller, more practical living spaces and have fallen in love with one bedroom apartments.


Deciphering Some Common Apartment Living Myths

21st July, 2016

Have you been part of a conversation where someone wasn’t quite on board with apartment living? Ever wondered why? We’ve demystified some common apartment living myths so you can form your own opinion – fallacy free.


Why high-density living sets up sustainable lifestyles

7th July, 2016

With more and more Perthites flocking to high-density housing, it could be your time to de-clutter and embrace a new sustainable beginning, too.


Aussie investors missing out on thousands in tax breaks

24th June, 2016

Tyron Hyde, owner and director at Washington Brown, one of Australia’s largest quantity surveying companies, said many property investors did not understand they could claim depreciation on their investment properties.


How to Throw the Ultimate Housewarming Party

17th June, 2016

Moving into a new home is incredibly exciting. Once you have unpacked all your boxes, put all your belongings away and arranged your furniture, it’s time to celebrate!


Why apartment living is more sustainable and can save you time too

25th May, 2016

Many people are becoming more and more conscious of their impact on the environment and as our lives become more fast paced, we seek to reduce our ecological footprint, simplify our lives, save time and cut down on the resources we use.


Cutting commuting costs can be the road to financial freedom

11th May, 2016

The congestion on Perth roads is not just costing commuters time, it’s costing them a fortune. Perth roads are at a gridlock, with commuters spending hours stuck in traffic.


Why apartment living unlocks urban happiness

20th April, 2016

The demand for high-density living has reached dizzying new heights. Dubbed “the way of the future”, a shift from traditional homes to apartment living is expected to continue.


How to make your apartment balcony a functional haven

6th April, 2016

Apartment balconies are fast becoming an extension of our everyday living space. But how do you go about making this outdoor realm functional and aesthetically pleasing?


6 Reasons Why Buying Property Off-the-plan Makes Sense

31st March, 2016

Buying an investment property is an exciting decision, but it can also be a confusing one. Are you better off buying an established home or a newly constructed one? Or should you invest in a project that’s yet to be built?


How to invest in the kind of apartment renters want

18th March, 2016

West Australians have embraced high-density living. This makes owning an apartment or two an excellent addition to your property investment portfolio. See how investors can ensure their apartment is attractive to renters.


Why Has Perth Gone Mad For Apartment Living?

10th February, 2016

In the past ten years the people of Perth have embraced apartment living. New developments have popped up around the city, including West Perth, East Perth, the CBD, Highgate and Leederville, as West Australians seek the cosmopolitan lifestyle


Perth property market shows signs of recovery

5th February, 2016

New figures suggest green shoots are appearing in Perth’s property market. The latest CoreLogic RP data home value index figures show Perth property values spiked 1.7 per cent in the three months to the end of January.


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